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"Before" Organic Airbrush Tan
"After" a natural bronzed tan. A perfect sunless tanning solution!
Pre-tan instructions: exfoliate,  and moisturize consistently the week before your organic airbrush tan. This will prepare the skin for a longer lasting organic airbrush tan and slough off old skin cells ensuring a flawless organic tan. A moisturizer like Shea butter is great for your skin. This is also a good time to schedule your manicures and pedicures "before" your tanning appointment as your tan will literally be rubbed off from the knees and elbows down if scheduled after.

The day before instructions: a great day to exfoliateshave and moisturize before your organic airbrush tan.
"The day of" instructions: come to the organic spray tan party with clean skin and no lotion anywhere on the body,
makeup or deodorant as this will act as a barrier to your bronzed tan. You can however add lotion to dry spots like elbows and knees. It's best to wear dark, loose fitting clothing afterwards to allow your skin to breath and dry properly. The dark clothing ensures that any bronzed tan solution
that has rubbed off is not visible. If any gets on your clothing or sheets the day of your development, don't worry it easily washes out.  Do not shower for at least 8 hours to allow your organic tan to develop on your skin and no physical activity that would make you sweat. Water is your enemy on the day of your organic airbrush tan as it can streak. You want to keep your skin dry until your first shower.
After-tan instructions: moisturize up to twice a day (once in morning and once in the evening) as this will slow down the natural shedding of skin cells and make your bronzed tan last longer. Do not exfoliate any until your organic airbrush tan has faded.  Use a mild soap/gel and try to stay out of water for long periods of time to avoid fading. Finally, Enjoy your customomized organic airbrush tan at Austin Organic Tan! :)
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