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Organic Tan
(shower w/in 8-24 hours)

Individual          $45 each 

2  people            $40 each
3 people              $35 each
4 top 9  people   $30 each
10 people or >   $25 each

Vegan Rapid Tan
(shower w/in 3 hours)

Individual         $55 each

2 people             $50 each
3 people             $45 each
4 to 9 people      $40 each
10 people or >   $35 each 

(for indivdual use)

Organic Tan
3 for $120
4 for $150
6 for $222
8 for $292
10 for $360

Vegan Rapid Tan
3 for $150
4 for $190
6 for $282
8 for $372
10 for $460

Bodybuilding Tan

$100 for 1 tan
$135 for unlimited

Whether you are a busy individual, a bodybuilding competitior or you want an excuse to get together with the ladies and have a spray tanning party, Austin Organic Tan is here to give you that golden tan with beautiful results!


Austin Organic Tan has taken great care to choose the highest quality organic tan products on the market. All  products are paraben-free
and are made with 99% organic ingredients that your skin will love.
Organic Solution - Our favorite sunless tanning product with anti-aging ingredients such as Vitamin C, Cranberry Seed Extract, Walnut Shell Extract, Sea Extract, and Sea Kelp. We love our products because they are the longest lasting and most beautiful!
Vegan Rapid Tan - A solution that allows you  to decide how dark you want to be, based on when you take a shower.  Wait 1 hour to shower for a light tan, 2 hours for a medium tan, and 3 hours for a dark tan.   This is not considered an organic solution because of the accelerator in the rapid tan solution, however it has the same organic ingredients and is Vegan.  Ideal for the busy individual that does not have time to wait 8-24 hours to take a shower to allow their tan to develop.
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