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Austin Organic Tan



Experience the safest way to an all natural vegan airbrush tan at Austin Organic Tan. The new wave of tanning has taken Hollywood by a whirlwind and is gaining growth in the tanning industry within Austin, TX. As opposed to typical spray tanning booths, an organic spray tan can give you a flawless and UV free bronzed tan. No more streaks on the ankles from that orange solution you may have come across before.

Great care has been taken in choosing the highest quality products on the market with organic ingredients, alcohol and paraben/sulfate-free products. *Please note that because DHA (tanning ingredient) is not an organic ingredient any tanning solution cannot be classified organic however they can be classified vegan with the use of organic ingredients. We are pleased to say the DHA used in our products are made of a beet sugar derivative.

Vegan airbrush tanning is perfect for special events, weddings and vacations or if you simply want a year-round bronzed tan glow! For your convenience you may choose to have your spray tanning session arrive to your location via a "mobile spray tanning". Your vegan airbrush tan session will be a customized airbrush tan unique to you! There is a variety of airbrush solutions for every skin tone and I now make it easy for you now with mobile spray tanning!

Customized mobile spray tanning is perfect for the individual that would like to save time or perhaps even host a spray tanning party in the privacy of the client's home/location.



1. Sunburn - Multiple sunburns in your teen years is one of the leading factors for skin cancer.

2. Immune System Suppression - Scientists have found that sunburn can alter the disease fighting white cells for 24 hours.

3. Cataracts - Research has shown that UV radiation can increase the likely hood of certain cataracts.

4. Migraines & Headaches - Exposure to bright light can cause headaches to flare up.

5. Premature Aging of the Skin - The skin over time will become thick, wrinkled and leathery if overexposed to the sun for long periods of time.

6. Skin Cancer - One in five people will now experience skin cancer as a result of overexposure. This type of cancer is the most rapid increasing form in the U.S. today.

7. Basal Cell Carcinoma - a cancer cell that lies beneath the surface of the skin. This cancer is seen more in younger adults than in the past.

8. Squamous Cell Carcinoma - a cancer cell that develops in the outlayers of the skin. If left untreated this cancer can metastasize which basically means "spread" throughout your body and can cause disfigurement.

9. Melanoma - People with family members who have had melanoma are at a higher risk.

10. Actinic Keratosis - By far the most common form of pre-cancer and is the result of prolonged exposure to sunlight.

11. Leukoplakia - A disease of the mucous membrane.

12. Actinic Cheilitis - A disease occurring on the lips.


Spending time in the sun without the right protection exposes the skin to an ultraviolet radiation spectrum of three kinds of UV rays. They are UVA, UVB & UVC:

1. UVC radiation rays are filtered through our ozone layer and little reaches earth so we don't have to worry about these rays too much.

2. UVB radiation rays are the principle reason we get sunburns based on the wavelength band emitted that is associated with causing skin cancer. These are the rays we need to pay close attention.

3. UVA radiation is responsible for producing a slow natural tan and can also cause skin cancer.

Sunburns can cause acute and chronic injury to the skin as well as skin damage characterized by wrinkles, brown age spots, blotchy and leathery skin. Sunscreens are very effective against UVB rays which is the most harmful so it is that much more important to reach for your sun protectant.

In general, the public is becoming more educated on the risks of overexposure to the sun. There are safer alternatives to achieving a sun-kissed glow with measures like airbrush tanning with organic ingredients. Instead of burned skin, you can be sure it is a naturally bronzed tan! Please be responsible and wear sunscreen anytime you expose your skin to the sun. Your skin will thank you in your "golden" years and so will your husband. ;)

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